let's get to know each other

My name is Mara Marie

Based in London, United Kingdom - Mara Marie is a luxury bridal designer. Bringing to life your dream wedding gown is her true passion. She loves sourcing incredible fabrics from all over the world, creating beautiful patterns, and hand-sewing lace for hours to get the dress just right.

When she is not in the atelier she can be found eating her morning croissant at Gails, exploring the stalls of Spitafields Market or enjoying a glass of Rioja with her husband or friends.

Inspired by floating feathers, glimmering sequins, and floral textured organzas...

She founded her brand in 2016 in her studio apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since she was a little girl, creating a bridal brand has always been her dream. She learned how to sew from her home economics teacher in high school and has never stopped since. She gained her education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, UAL: London College of Fashion, and University of Wisconsin Stout.

Over the years she worked under some of the industry's best wedding designers. She combined the technical skills she learned during her schooling and internships with her passion for customer service from her years of retail management to create the ultimate luxury experience for her brides.

"I am all about how your wedding dress makes you feel. I want to ensure you feel beautiful, comfortable, and truly yourself on your wedding day."

-Mara Marie